• Level 3 refined

    Level 3 refined cottonseed oilCottonseed oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids, of which,linoleic acid’s content reach 44.9-55.0%. Linoleic acid can restrain the rise of the cholesterol in the blood and maintain humanbody healthy. In addition, the content of palmitic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acidand oleic acid can separately reach 21.6-24.8%, 1.9-2.4%, 0-0.1% and18-30.7%. The absorption rate of cottonseed oil can reach 98%, so thecontonseed oil can be widely used in cooking.Chenguang’s cottonseed oiluses advanced process of degumming, deacidification and deacidificationwith high vacuum desolventizing technology to remove the hazardoussubstance such as gossypol.The product has bright red color and puretaste.

  • Level 3 cottonseed oil

    Level 3 cottonseed oil of “Silk Road Chenguang”This product has three packing specification of 1.8L, 5L and 20L. Adoptingadvanced importing equipment of Alfalaval centrifugal machine and fullyautomatic filling production line, combining advanced process ofdegumming, deacidification and deacidification with high vacuumdesolventizing technology to remove the the hazardous substance such asgossypol, the product has pure taste and is the best choice for cooking. After being put into the market, it is favored by the consumers.

  • Level 2 cottonseed oil

    Level 2 cottonseed oil of “Silk Road Chenguang”In order to adapt to the market demand, we promote the Level 2 cottonseedoil. Comparing with the Level 3 cottonseed oil, the Level 2 cottonseedoil has much more claritier color, milder taste and abundanter nutrition and it is the best choice for cooking.

  • Cotton linter

    Cotton linterChenguang establishes the first peeling automation control system and developsthe multistage rouging technology. In the production, we can realizeautomaticsampling, continuous detection, and automatic packaging. Aseries of effective measures guarantee the cotton linter’s quality andthe products gain the customer’s highly recognition, especially the good consistency of cotton linter highly praised by customers.

  • Cottonseed hull

    Cottonseed hullCottonseed hull is maily used in breeding edible fungi, medicinal fungi, and italso can be used as feed. Edible fungi manufactured from cottonseed hull has bright white color, delicious taste and low cost. Low cost and nopollution makes cottonseed hull the edible fungi’s all-purpose medium.Cottonseed hull’s comprehensive nutrition, strong water imbibition andgood air permeability is the cottonseed hull’s first advantage as edible fungi’s main material. Cottonseed hull’s soluble carbohydrate contentis 22% and nitrogen content 0.67%, besides, carbon nitrogen ratio is70:1 and biological efficiency is above 100%. The second advantage isthat contonseed hull has morderate particles after being smashed, so the farmer needs not to smash and prewet again whch is convenient to useand can lower work force.We adopt automatic quantitative packaging for customer’s convenience.

  • Cottonseed protein

    Cottonseed protein removed gossypolCottonseed protein removed gossypol is a kind of light yellow granular proteinfeed raw materials through the production process of low-temperatureextraction, oil extraction, removing gossypol and other new process.Cottonseed protein removed gossypol is a kind of new source ofprotein.Making use of our own patented technology, Chenguang designstechnological process which can reduce the degree of proteindenaturation, remove the gossypol and improve the nutrient level.. Toguarantee the product quality, Chenguang constructs the firstfullyautomated protein leaching control system in low temperature andthe protein quality of infrared detection system online. Comparing withbean pulp, corn gluten meal, peanut meal, rapeseed dregs, fish meal andother plant and animal protein, cottonseed protein removed gossypol haslower prices and better quality, so it is widely used in animal andaquatic product feed. Depending on customer requirement, we can producehigher quality products whose protein content is more than 50% and freegossypol content is under 200ppm.

  • The refined cottonseed

    The refined cottonseed protein powderRefined cottonseed protein powder, also called cottonseed cake powder orcottonseed protein powder, made from high quality cottonseed, is a kindof organic nitrogen source with the features of high protein, lowgossypol, low fiber and good biology utilization effect. The product isproduced adopting advanced patented technology and under ISO9001:2000quality management system.The fermentationenterprise and scientificresearch institutions’ application tests show that culture mediumusingthe refined cottonseed protein powder has the same fermentation level as imported medicinal culture medium and lower price. So refinedcottonseed protein fills up the blankof organic nitrogen source domestic and has broad market space.

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