• Paprika Oleoresin

    Paprika Oleoresin is a kind of natural red color refined from high qualitypaprika, having a  bright color and superior coloring strength; it iswidely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic,  feed industries etc.Paprika Oleoresin CO2 ExtractedIt is refined by advanced supercritical CO2 extraction technology. It hasthe characteristics of high purity, no solvent residual and especiallyno peculiar smell.Paprika Oleoresin Oil SolubleIt is a dark red oily liquid which can easily dissolve in oil.Paprika Oleoresin Water SolubleIt is a dark red liquid transformed from normal Paprika Oleoresin; it can easily disperse in water.Paprika Oleoresin PowderIt is a red powder transformed from normal Paprika Oleoresin; it can easily disperse in water.

  • Marigold Oleoresin

    Marigold Oleoresin is a natural yellow color which is extracted from marigoldflower. Its main composition is lutein. It has bright color and superior coloring strength. The product is widely used in food, pharmaceutical,cosmetic, feed industries etc.Marigold Oleoresin Oil SolubleIt is a dark brown oleoresin with the aroma of marigold; it becomes an oily liquid when heated and easily dissolves in oil.Marigold Oleoresin Water SolubleIt is an orange liquid or powder that transformed from oil soluble type.It can easily disperse in water. The product is widely used in baking,beverage, frozen food, jelly, jam and the infant formula food.Marigold Oleoresin PowderIt is a kind of water soluble powder refined from Marigold Oleoresin. Theproduct is widely used in food, cosmetic, tobacco, pharmaceutical, highgrade feed fields etc, especially for coloration of chicken, egg andaquatic products.

  • Curcumin

    Curcumin is a kind of brown powder extracted and crystallized from turmeric. Itcan dissolve in ethanol and alkalinesolutions and has good heatstability. The product is widely used in cakes, candy, can carbonateddrinks, pickles andother products, as it has high medical value such as reducing fever, stimulate the appetite and invigorating the spleen, ventilated and coloring. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry.Turmeric OleoresinIt is refined from turmeric. It has a red brown color, viscous liquidappearance and has a special aroma. The maincomposition is curcumin and turmeric oil. As a food colorant, it can be used in meat, farmproducts, sugar products,aquatic products and so on.Curcumin Water Soluble It is a red liquid transformed and refined from Curcumin or TurmericOleoresin. It can disperse in water. As a foodcolorant, it can be usedin noodle, candy, cake, beverage, juice, ice cream, seasoning and so on.Curcumin Oil SolubleIt is a red brown oily liquid refined and transformed from Curcumin orTurmeric Oleoresin. It can disperse in oil. As afood colorant, it canbe used in bread, egg products, cake, seasonings and so on.

  • Red Rice Red

    Red RiceRedRed Rice Red is refined from black rice, classed toanthocyanins, it is a purple liquid or powder that easily dissolves in water andethanol solution. It has the characters of high solubility and no peculiarsmell. Therefore, it is an ideal colorant for wine, beverage, juice, jams, softdrink, etc.

  • Red Cabbage

    Red Cabbage Red Cabbage is a natural red color both in liquid and powder form. It isextracted from purple cabbage, classed to anthocyanins. It can easilydissolve in water and ethanol solution, and has the characters of highsolubility and no peculiar smell. It is an ideal colorant for wine,beverage, juice, etc.

  • Red Beet

    Red Beet is a red to purple liquid or powder, refined from the red beetroot. Its main composition is Betanin. The product can easily dissolvein water and ethanol solution. It is prescribed in GB2760 that it can be widely applied to all foods and can be added as per requirement.

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